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Committed to offer, not just jewellery, but invaluable memories the first Devous Jewels concept store opened its doors in the incomparable worldwide volcanic island of Cyclades.

High above the caldera at Fira, overlooking the Aegean sea panorama, in a dwelling older than a century, the venue of the most recent store in the area is coalescing contemporary elements with many of the primary building’s that were preserved in order to manifest a deep respect to the island’s architectural tradition.

Embellished with flawless gems, like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and rare, natural, high quality diamonds certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Devous one of one exquisite jewels are lying beyond the sense of uniqueness itself.

Although, what sparkles mostly in Devous Santorini’s display cases is Greece and anything Greek: the light, the nature and its fruits, the sun, the sea, the islands, our summer.

In sunshine bright diamonds “Fancy Yellow” collection brings to mind a walk through loaded lemon trees. “Forever Blue” jewels look as if they have just emerged from the open sea and the exuberant Cycladic bougainvillaea plant comes to life in pavé creations in “Bougainvillea” collection. “Color Dreams” reflects the irresistible sunset shades of Oia while each, one off “Rare Like You!” piece remains unrepeatable like a Santorini experience.

According to Devous philosophy to actually support Greek designers, Devous Santorini compiles a precious collection of selected jewels by internationally distinguished creators inspired by their origins and heritage.

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