Albert M. Bracelet

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Albert M. Bracelet
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Albert M.

Celebrating 30 years of a remarkable career in the field of jewel making, designer and expert gemologist Albert Mouhadab launched his own eponymous brand. Albert M.’s debut collection Mistero is bold, impeccable and innovative, narrating hidden tales of mystery.
A tribute to nature’s intimate perfection, Mistero draws inspiration by earthy serpents and mythical creatures inhabiting abyssal depths, like sirens. Endless textures and wild shapes are mimicking snakes’ scaled tails engraved on silver 925°. Dark hues, seductive black spinel and garnet dress the collection with delicacy and grandeur while masculine forms and volumes are juxtaposed by feminine details. All pieces of Albert M. collection undergo Ink Texture Technique, a high precision procedure allowing impeccable, indelible coloring and extreme defining of each and every inward curve on the surface of the jewel, offering a realistic and sensual “Second Skin” effect addressed to strong, decisive women and men with intense taste.

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