Apostolos Jewellery Bracelet

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Apostolos Jewellery Bracelet
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Apostolos Jewellery

Based in Alexandroupolis, internationally renowned designer Apostolos Kleitsiotis founds his creations upon organic forms and motifs deriving from nature, Greek Antiquity and the Byzantine era. The awarded with Talent Précieux de la saison 2016 at the International Jewellery Show Bijorhca Paris artist, also draws inspiration from music, cinema and painting. His work declares a continuous attempt of forming abstract notions like love, affection, tenderness, passion. His creative philosophy demands the artist’s hand being traceable and the elevation of the natural qualities of each material without any try of altering it. Exclusively using as primal matters gold 750°, silver 925° and precious gems, in his recent creations Apostolos combines oxidized silver with gold under a special technique which allows it’s surface gain with time the crystallized appearance that trademarks his work. Despite its strict geometric harmony the ingenious design brings stunning pieces full of vividness and motion.

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