Bronzallure Good Mood Earrings

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Bronzallure Good Mood Earrings
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Established in 2009, Bronzallure Milano sets new standards in affordable jewellery by developing a wide, classic-meets-edgy range. Adding its touch of romance and elegance to any trend, the brand creates easy-to-wear, statement pieces. Crafted by skilled artisans, its collections are designed to best express all traits consisting the female universe. Italian heritage meets updated style, in 24/7 iconic items and shapes. Paying tribute to jewellery classics and the unbeatably cool Milanese minimalism, Bronzallure’s atelier produces timeless, deeply understated, yet not to go unnoticed pieces as well as ones of genuine but refined extravaganza. Using Golden Rosé, a patented alloy 18KT rose gold plated, and selected by expert gemologists natural gemstones only, Bronzallure Milano presents an almost infinite palette of intense and inimitable shades. The brand’s philosophy is to introduce a new way of wearing jewels offering to style-conscious women an ally to look different everyday with just a dash of color and a zest of pure Italian eleganza.

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