Damaskos Pendant

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Damaskos Pendant
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Motivated by his great love for art and the deepest respect to Greek culture, master goldsmith George Damaskos is dedicated to preserving national heritage through sustainable jewellery making which is turning back to roots. Since 1987, his workshop produces jewels exclusively handcrafted and strongly inspired by Hellenic tradition. The absence of mechanical means, no use of molds or other shortcuts revive fabrication methods followed in the past by our ancestors. Highly skilled artisans specialize in making absolutely everything from scratch like when metal casting had not been invented yet. Every ornament on all pieces is fashioned carefully by hand before being fit onto jewels which express the artisans’ love and thorough care. At the same time Damaskos focuses upon innovation developing processes which offer to gold new velvetlike textures succeeding elaborate and impressive results. Gemstones entangled in filigree, recognizable traditional elements, motifs and shapes serve the brand’s quest to deliver timeless, signature pieces that reflect old world’s values in the present day.

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