Dimitrios Exclusive Ring

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Dimitrios Exclusive Ring
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Dimitrios Exclusive

Curator of a glorious tradition of 5000 years of Hellenic jewelry Dimitrios Exclusive brand follows its vision to design original, stunning, story-telling pieces which link the past, the present and the future. Preserving centuries-old of goldsmithing tradition, Dimitrios creations combine vivid Greek identity with a hint of modernity and abundance of color. Precious metals -gold 18K, silver 950°-, tri-color treatments, enamel, filigree and brilliant gemstones are shaped into statement collections by dedicated high-skilled craftsmen. Each piece is exhaustively crafted by hand to its minuscule detail. Growing up in the family jewelry workshop, designer Vasilis Kapsaskis was early captivated by the magical process of transformation of raw material into beautiful forms. Since 2008, he became an active member of Dimitrios’ workshop leading the brand into a new creative journey full of fresh ideas and desire for experimentation. Following several national awards, Vasilis’ talent was internationally acknowledged by winning JCK Jeweler’s Best Design award in 2019.

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